South Planning Applications Committee - 28 January 2020 (Tue, 28 Jan 2020 - 10:30 am) 

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  1. This webcast is scheduled for Tue, 28 Jan 2020 - 10:30 am.
    It will start automatically.


  1. 1. Apologies for Absence / Leisgeulan

  2. 2. Declarations of Interest / Foillseachaidhean Com-pàirt

  3. 3. Confirmation of Minutes / Dearbhadh a’ Gheàrr-chunntais

  4. 4. Major Development Update / Iarrtasan Mòra

  5. 5. Major Developments – Pre-application consultations/ Leasachaidhean Mòra – Co-chomhairle Ro-iarrtais

  6. 5.1 Applicant: Forthpoint Ltd (19/05188/PAN) (PLS/002/20)

  7. 6. Continued Items / Cuspairean a' Leantainn

  8. 6.1 Applicant: Mr R Matheson (19/00990/PIP) (PLS/003/20) (PLS/096/19)

  9. 6.2 Applicant: Mr R Matheson (19/00982/FUL) (PLS/004/20) (PLS/097/19)

  10. 6.3 Applicant: Mrs D MacGregor (19/03731/FUL) (PLS/005/20) (PLS/092/19)

  11. 7. Planning Applications to be Determined / Iarrtasan Dealbhaidh rin Dearbhadh

  12. 7.1 Applicant: Mr W MacIntyre (19/03305/FUL) (PLS/006/20)

  13. 7.2 Applicant: The Highland Council (19/04213/PIP) (PLS/007/20)

  14. 7.3 Applicant: Rural Projects and Developments Ltd (19/00415/MSC) (PLS/008/20)

  15. 7.4 Applicant: RPDL (19/04117/S42) (PLS/009/20)

  16. 7.5 Applicant: Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission PLC (19/05091/S37) (PLS/010/20)

  17. 7.6 Applicant: Breedon Northern Limited (19/003995/S42) (PLS/011/20) (IN/1997/613)

  18. 7.8 Applicant: Mr and Mrs A Stevens (19/01943/FUL) (PLS/012/20)

  19. 7.9 Applicant: Mr Garry Reid (19/01278/PIP) (PLS/013/20)

  20. 8. Decision of Appeals to the Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division / Co-dhùnadh mu Iarrtas do Bhuidheann-stiùiridh Riaghaltas na h-Alba airson Lùth agus Atharrachadh Aimsir

  21. 8.1 Applicant: Millers of Speyside Ltd (19/01264/FUL) (PPA-270-2215)

  22. 8.2 Applicant: Millers of Speyside Ltd (19/01265/FUL) (PPA-270-2216)

  23. 8.3 Applicant: B and L Properties Limited (19/02069/FUL) (PPA-270-2218)