Audit & Scrutiny Committee - 13 June 2019
Thu, 13 Jun 2019 - 10:30 am 









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Item 1 Apologies for Absence / Leisgeulan
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Item 2 Declarations of Interest / Foillseachaidhean Com-pàirt
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Item 3 Appointments to Sub-Committee, Working Groups etc / Cur an Dreuchd gu Fo-Chomataidhean, Buidhnean-obrach is eile
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Item 4 Internal Audit Reviews and Progress Report / Ath-bhreithneachaidhean In-sgrùdaidh agus Aithisg Adhartais
Item 5 Action Tracking Report / Aithisg a’ Leantainn Gnìomhachd
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Item 6 Internal Audit Annual Report 2018/2019 / Aithisg Bhliadhnail In-Sgrùdaidh 2018/2019
Item 7 Council Governance Review / Ath-sgrùdadh Riaghlachais Comhairle
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Item 8 Code of Corporate Governance / Còd Riaghladh Corporra
Item 9 Commissioner For Ethical Standards in Public Life/Standards Commission: Councillors’ Code of Conduct – Investigation into Complaints / Coimiseanair airson Inbhean Beusail ann am Beatha Phoblaich/Coimisean nan Inbhean: Còd Giùlain nan Comhairlichean – Sgrùdadh Ghearanan
Item 10 Corporate Complaints Process Report / Aithisg Ghearanan Corporra
Item 11 Scottish Public Service Ombudsman Cases Received by the Council – Update Report / Cùisean Ombudsman Sheirbheisean Poblach na h-Alba a Fhuaireadh leis a’ Chomhairle – Aithisg as Ùr