People Committee - 19 October 2017 (Thu, 19 Oct 2017 - 10:00 am) 

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  1. Start of Meeting

  2. 1. Apologies for Absence / Leisgeulan

  3. 2. Declarations of Interest / Foillseachaidhean Com-pàirt

  4. 3. Outstanding Achievements / Coileanaidhean Air Leth

  5. 4. Local Housing Strategy / Ro-innleachd Taigheadais Ionadail

  6. 5. Review of the Housing Repairs Service / Ath-sgrùdadh air Seirbheis Càraidh an Taigheadais

  7. 6. Improving Tenant Participation and Engagement / A’ Leasachadh Com-pàirteachas Luchd-màil

  8. 7. Presentation: Eden Court / Taisbeanadh: Cùirt Eden

  9. 8. Statutory Consultation – Establishment of a new primary school for Ness Castle/Ness-side / Co-chomhairle Reachdail – Steidheachadh bun-sgoil ùr airson Caisteal Nis/Taobh Nis

  10. 9. Children's Services - Performance Report / Seirbheisean Chloinne – Aithisg Choileanaidh

  11. 10. Children’s Services - Assurance Report / Seirbheisean Chloinne – Aithisg Barantais

  12. 11i. Management of Schools - Update / Rianachd Sgoiltean - Cunntas às Ùr

  13. 11ii. Management of Schools - Mallaig Associated School Group / Rianachd Sgoiltean - Buidheann Sgoiltean Co-cheangailte Mhalaig

  14. 12. Closing the Attainment Gap / A’ Dùnadh na Beàirn Buileachaidh

  15. 13. Education of Looked After Children / Foghlam Chloinne a Tha air an Coimhead às an Dèidh

  16. 14. Joint Transition Service for Young People aged 14 to 25 years / Co-sheirbheis Eadar-ghluasaid do Dhaoine Òga aois 14 gu 25

  17. 15. Care and Learning Service Workforce Plan 2017 - 2021 / Plana Sgioba-obrach Seirbheis a’ Chùraim agus an Ionnsachaidh 2017-2021

  18. 16. Socio-economic Duty consultation / Co-chomhairle Dleastanas Sòiseo-eaconamaich

  19. 17. Minutes / Geàrr-chunntas

  20. 18. Review of Debt Advice and Related Services / Ath-sgrùdadh air Comhairle Fhiachan agus Seirbheisean Co-cheangailte